Raglan Military Service

Here you’ll find lists of servicemen and servicewomen whose names can be found on the Raglan War Memorial and on the rolls of honour in Raglan, Ruapuke, Te Mata and Te Uku.

Where applicable, names link through to the appropriate page in Auckland War Memorial Museum’s Cenotaph database.

Raglan War Memorial

“This monument was erected by voluntary subscription to the memory of the men of this district who gave their lives in the cause of freedom.”

The Great War 1914 – 1918

This monument was erected by voluntary subscription to the memory of the men of this district who gave their lives in the cause of freedom.

Killed in Action
WLV Baker
HL Coate
GD Ferriman
FE Haycock
JR Hueston
RW Jones
M McKinnon
F Marsh
WE Mold
R Mortimer
C Osborne
AC Peart
GB Taylor
PP Phelan

Died on Active Service

AW Gibbison
KA Moon
HS Pain
H. Phillips

Died as a result of War Service

A.L. Galvan
F.A. Vercoe
T.C. Mold


The Supreme Sacrifice made by
AW Allen
CD Brown
RA Dean
AG Gibbison
MAB Harsant
RJ Harrison
WG Hodson
LH Hume
RJ Lichtwark
K McF Moon
FD Nicholson
JN Peart
PGR Tait
CH White

Ruapuke Roll of Honour

Boer War
Tpr J Swann
Tpr JH Phillips
Tpr WS Phillips

First World War
Pte A Caterer
Pte D Gilmore
Gnr CJ Given
RCM E D’arcy-Hamilton
Pte JB Jackson
Maj AS Rintoul
Pte D Rintoul
Pte JJL Rintoul
Gnr G Stuart
Lt J Thomson
Gnr WA Thomson
FLA Trolove
Pte E Tucker
2nd Lt R Ward
Pte DC Ward

Second World War
Pte H McHardy
Cpl B Marshall-Inman
Lt IL Marshall-Inman
Pte WG Marshall-Inman
Capt J Trolove
Tpr R Tucker
Dvr W Tucker
Lac G Tucker
Gnr AA Thomson
F’Lt WJ Thomson
Pte AW Thomson
Pte G Tait
WAAF Mary Trolove
Pte – G Whyte

“J” Force
Pte G Given
Pte RJ Thomson

Te Mata District Roll of Honour

1939 – 1945

Killed in Action
Brown, Cpt CD (MM)
Dean, Gnr RA
Gibbison, Flt Sgt AG
Harrison, Spr RJ
Hodson, Gnr WG
Nicholson, Gnr FD

Porter, Lt Col JC (OBE Mil)
Bregman, Lt LH
Adams, Pte PB
Carter, Cpl WB
Carter, Pte HT
Cornes, Flt Sgt AC
Cornes, Spr JV
Cornes, Spr JT
Crawford, Cpl LRD
Crawford, Pte TFJ
Galvan, Cpl C
Jerome, Cpl SK
Jerome, Cpl CEA
Jerome, Dvr SM
McCracken, Cpl J McN
McCracken, Pte D
Matthews, Pte H
Maru, Cpl R
Maru, Cpl T
Martyn, Cpl GM
Munns, Pte JS
Munns, Lac JS
Millar, Pte AS
Nicholson, Cpl RB
Nolan, Tpr AF
Phillips, Pte MJ
Phillips, Flt Sgt T
Peters, Pte GH
Shea, Pte JR
Shea, Pte JN
Shea, Gnr RG
Stephenson, Pte W
Stephenson, Tpr WR
Thompson, Dvr W
Vernon, Cpl CD
Vernon, Dvr RJ
Vanhoutte, WAAC BB
Vanhoutte, Flt Sgt DF
Vanhoutte, Spr PP
Welch, Cpl W
Waitere, Pte KG
Phillips, Pte RS

Te Uku and District Roll of Active Service

Te Uku District Roll of Honour 1914 – 1918 in Te Uku War Memorial Hall

JL Belcher
HL Coate
AE Cogswell
JH Cole
HA Cooper
D Cory
G Dent
WJ Douglas
F Douglas
J Druwe
E Featherstonehaugh
GD Ferriman
JB Ferriman
AW Gibbison
FBM Gibbison
AC Gower
A Hacon
JR Hueston
C James
KA Moon
AC Peart
FW Peart
Wanihi Piniaha
D Rathe
CS Sutton
AWA Sweetman
EPS Sweetman
GBWO Sweetman
HO Wallis
OH Wallis

1939 – 1945

Killed on Active Service
Sgt Pilot AW Allen
F/Sgt AG Gibbison
F/Sgt MAB Harsant
L/Bdr RJ Lichtwark
W/O K McF Moon
Lt Col JN Peart (DSD)

Pte A Aitken
Pte RS Aitken
Gnr GA Aitken
Pte WG Arnold
A/B GV Banks
Pte AR Bell
Dvr DW Cogswell
L/Cpl HM Dodd
Dvr OH D’Ath
Pte KH Feisst
F/O E Featherstonhaugh
Lac MRB Harsant
Gnr LCB Harsant
S/Sgt SE Kettlewell
Dvr B Lichtwark
Cpl KB Lusty
O/S JT Lusty
Lac AWT Cooper
L/Cpl MJ Mead
Tpr HC Moon
Pte AJ Macdonald
S/Sgt D Maclean
Tpr CI Ormiston
Gnr RJ Silcock
W/O RG Silcock
L/Cpl TL Whistler
L/Cpl WH Wright

Te Mata School Roll of Honour

1914 – 1919

For King, For Home
“Lest We Forget”

Killed in Action
WE Mold

Died of Sickness
HS Pain
H Phillips
AW Gibbison
TG Mold

H Proctor

CW Nesbitt
AE McCracken
G Saunders
R McCracken
WY Saunders
J McCracken
AV Cornes
WNS Jerome
JH Shea
NH Watkins
W Shea
J Walmsley
Geo Pain
WJ Brown
G Dent
CD Brown MM
H Fleming
F Gibbison
R Millar
TV Green
HW Pain
WA Thomson
RJ Pain
RGV Garrett
CR Pain
C Given

Raglan School Roll of Overseas Service

1939 – 1945

“Paid the Supreme Sacrifice”
Gibbison, AG (Kauroa)
Peart, JN
Tait, PGR
White, CH

Banks, BS
Blackett, RG
Bray, AW
Bray, FF
Bray, RM
Cameron, B
Cameron, RG
Carr, FH
Cornes, CW
Cowley, JA
Cowley, W
Dando, H Lawrence
Dando, H Leslie
Earl, RN
Eng, EG
Fuller, EG
Fuller, HJ
Galbraith, RC
Gilmour, RN
Hunter, JP
Jackson, JA
Jackson, RB
Jackson, TA
Johns, LH
Kereopa, S
Lomas, RP
McCallum, K
McCardle, HC
Munro, J
Noffke, D
Paekau, M
Paekau, T
Paekau, R
Petchell, EJ
Peart, A McG
Peart, LG
Pegler, LR
Pairama, J
Pairama, S
Pairama, W
Robertson, AD
Robertson, DO’D
Robertson, MJ
Steadman, CD
Steadman, RL
Stewart, WR
Thomson, IJ
Tukiri, T
Waretini, M
White, RI
Whyte, JH
Whyte, SG

Kauroa School
Arnold, WG
Wright, WH


Tpr – trooper
Pte – private
Gnr – gunner
Maj – major
2nd Lt – second lieutenant
Cpl – corporal
Lt – lieutenant
Capt – captain
Dvr – driver
Lac – leading aircraftsman
F’Lt – flight lieutenant
WAAF – Women’s Auxiliary Air Force
Flt Sgt (F/Sgt) – flight sergeant
Spr – sapper
Lt Col – lieutenant colonel
Flt Sgt – flight sergeant
Sgt Pilot – sergeant pilot
L/Bdr – lance-bombardier
W/O – warrant officer
A/B – able seaman
L/Cpl – lance corporal
F/O – flying officer
S/Sgt – staff sergeant
O/S – [unknown]
DSD – Distinguished Service Decoration